Challenge about the number 10

In the first week of the Edublog’s Student Blogging challenge: Who Am I? students were encouraged to name 10 people, alive or dead, and and think of a question to ask each individual.  There have been many wonderful responses from the student bloggers so far.  I thought it might be fun to give the challenge a try.

Like many of the students I would like to meet some of my relatives.

1. My grandmother: I’d ask her how she made her wonderful Walnut Bread.  Every Christmas we looked forward to visiting her home and sampling this sweet treat.  I’ve since learned that the official name is Potica.  I haven’t tried to make it yet; someday I will- in honor of her.

2. One of my distant ancestors: Genealogy interests me.   I’d like to meet one of my ancestors and discover what we have in common.  I suspect that some of them were nomadic wanderers.  I’d like to ask one of my relatives if he or she could explain why I have a deep need to tote all of my stuff everywhere I go.

Some of my favorite people are no longer with us.

3. John Denver:  I’ve enjoyed his music every since I was a teenager and I admire his passion to protect nature.  If I could meet JD I’d ask him what one thing I could do to continue his dream.

4. Lady Diana Spencer: Lady Di has always been one of my favorite royals and I’ve always wished that I could have met her and become her friend. As many people as she had in her life, Lady Diana seemed lonely.  I’d ask her how would she define true friendship.

Some people I’d like to meet.

5. Donald Trump:  I’d like to sit down and share a cup of coffee with Mr. Trump.  After sharing a bit of my life, I’d ask him for one piece of advice that would help me become a more successful person.

6. Cesar Milan:  I have a Lab-Great Pyrenees mix dog.  He’s over 100 pounds and loves to bolt after geese, deer, squirrels, etc.  I’d ask Cesar  to tell me what I can do to do to stop this behavior.  We’re tired of being dragged across yards or into ponds.

7. Diana Gabaldon: She’s one of my favorite authors. I’d like to know what inspired her to create the main characters (Jamie and Claire) in her Outlander stories.

8. Bobby Flay: He’s one of the America’s Iron Chefs.  I’d like to find out what he considers to be the one dish that every good cook should know how to make.  (And perhaps he’d volunteer to teach me.)

9: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Jr. is one of my favorite NASCAR drivers.  I’d ask him what one piece of advice would he give to rookie drivers.

And finally…

10.  One of the places I’d like to visit someday is Stonehenge.  There’s some mystery surrounding the purpose of this structure.  So to the individual who designed the monument…Why?

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