About Me

Hello everyone.  My name is Dinah.  I’m a Media Specialist for an instructional resource center.  I started working at the center as a student aid.  Nearly twenty years ago I came on board full time,Dinah and during that time my job has evolved from a library media aide to a technology coach.

I’ve come full circle in my career.  In high school I was a student at a vocational school in the Data Processing program.  In those days a mainframe computer filled a room.  My first job was as a keypunch operator for my hometown’s Board of Education. Now my passion is exploring Web 2.0 tools and how they can be used with students to enhance learning.

Some of my favorite activities include participating as a mentor/commenter in the Student Blogging Challenge, and as a helper at EdcampColumbus/EdcampCLE.   Another adventure was to help out with the Reform Symposium Conference.  I was excited to be part of a worldwide event.

On a personal note:  On April 6, 2013 my life changed.  My daughter was in Afghanistan when her team was attacked by a suicide bomber.  Kelly was critically injured.  She survived and is recovering.  The journey back is a slow-going one, but I feel blessed that she is still with us.   The wealth of support from her friends her and abroad has been amazing.  To all of you who have supported us, thank you.