6 thoughts on “Commenting Tips

  1. Hi Dinah,
    One thing I think you should add to the commenting tips is to tell people your blog URL when you comment on someone elses post so that people can access your blog!

    From Olivia 😜

  2. Hello Olivia,
    That is an excellent idea. I will also add that it is polite to include a name instead of appearing as anonymous.
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hello, Dinah. This is LuLu (aka Cora) From LuLus life. I saw your comment on my blog and I wanted to tell you that even though im a cat lady i do like dogs and your dog sounds cute! Also for my avatar my teacher surprisedly let me use her phone so we could do dolify who knew!! Please reply thanks!

  4. Hello, Dinah, I am so excited to get a comment from you on my blog! Well, what makes my teacher so special is because she doesn’t give paperwork. Like the others. Also, I and my friends love reading so we created a book club!

  5. Hello.
    When I was a teacher I didn’t like all the paperwork either. I would rather my kids show me what they have learned.
    Keep blogging! Thanks.

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