Week 4 Edublog SBC: Global Issues

I happened to see a commercial on television that ties into this week’s Edublog challenge: Global Issues.

Everyday we hear or read about some group of people that asks for our help; or some cause that seeks our support. The need can be overwhelming. Who do you help?  How do you help?

“You can lift the weight of caring by doing.” Sometimes it is the little things we do that can make a difference. We don’t need to do it all; just start by doing something.


So, if you go to the site you can plug in your cause and zip code to find opportunities to help others.  For my international readers try using


It’s a zip code for Washington D.C.

I’ll be linking this post to my group of students and I’d be interested in what cause you’d like to help and why.



One thought on “Week 4 Edublog SBC: Global Issues

  1. Hi Dinah,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog a few months ago! I love reading your posts, especially this one about how to save lives using Statefarm. I also agree with you, “You can lift the weight of caring by doing.”

    P.S.: I made a post answering your question and using a visual aid. check it out!

    Please feel free to visit and comment on My Blog!


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