Student Blogging Challenge begins!

I’m really excited to begin another year of the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. In the first challenge, students have the option to create an avatar. One of the student bloggers (thanks Lulu) introduced me to an app called Dollify. It was easy to create an avatar that resembles the individual and has doll-like features.  And, users also have the option to add some animal features. So, here is my newest avatar!

Student Blogging Challenge #20

Once again I’m privileged to participate in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge #stubc as a mentor/commenter.  In the very first challenge students are asked to create an Avatar and an All About Me post.  This has always been my favorite challenge.

Over the years I’ve created several Avatars.  When you visit my blog enter Avatar in the search side menu. Just recently I learned about from a few of the participants.

What a fantastic way for movie companies to promote an upcoming movie and to engage audiences.  In the past I’ve created my own M&M and Peanuts characters.  For this movie – Storks –  visitors can create their own baby avatars.  Well, I couldn’t resist trying it out.  As you see I really like red hair, dark glasses and puppies.  So adorable!

Week 4 Edublog SBC: Global Issues

I happened to see a commercial on television that ties into this week’s Edublog challenge: Global Issues.

Everyday we hear or read about some group of people that asks for our help; or some cause that seeks our support. The need can be overwhelming. Who do you help?  How do you help?

“You can lift the weight of caring by doing.” Sometimes it is the little things we do that can make a difference. We don’t need to do it all; just start by doing something.

So, if you go to the site you can plug in your cause and zip code to find opportunities to help others.  For my international readers try using


It’s a zip code for Washington D.C.

I’ll be linking this post to my group of students and I’d be interested in what cause you’d like to help and why.



About Me: Student Blogging Challenges

This is a short story about me and my participation in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge #16stubc.  Students and classes from all over the world participate in a series of activities to help build their confidence in blogging.

The first challenge is to introduce yourself.  I’ll start by telling you my name – it’s Dinah. I found out about this excellent opportunity a few years ago and was fortunate to be selected as a mentor. It’s given me a chance to learn about blogging and to help others in the process.

One of the first challenges was for students to introduce themselves. There are so many ways and it’s difficult to choose just one.  I kept coming back to the A-Z activity after reading several posts by students.

Here is a list of hobbies I enjoy:

  • making different types of arts and craft projects.
  • collecting Buckeyes. (Did you know that holding a “buckeye nut” in your pocket is considered good luck?)
  • camping outdoors.
  • writing letters to pen pals.
  • quick walks or running. Not a fan but I do it for my daughter.

My main job is to work with teacher education students.  They know that I love all sorts of technologyand I enjoy finding unique ways to make their visions become realities through the use of web-based tools.

X is a tricky letter.  Can’t find a word that fits my story so I’ll just move on.  If you think of something please leave me a comment!  Thanks Chad!  He suggested that I might be xenodochial.

Finally, at the end of a long day I find that it is important to find ways to relax.  I’ve tried lots of things like Yoga, but I prefer to Zentangle.  It’s a mix of art and meditation.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my story.  Now to visit other blogs and see what the students have created!

Visiting blogs and sharing favorite foods stories

In weeks 5 and 6 of the #stubc15, the challenges are to visit other blogs and discuss favorite foods.  I’ve always found that food and conversation go well together.  This should be fun.

As the Christmas holiday gets closer I’m reminded of my favorite food made by my Grandmother who emigrated from Czechoslovakia.  The family loved her Walnut Roll Bread.  Well, that’s what we called them.  Later I found out that the official name for them was Orechovnik.


Zidel333 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It seems that different cultures have similar walnut roll recipes.  In some regions its called Potica, Povitica, Bejgli or Kolache,.  Sometimes the filling is different.  Sometimes the shape is different.  Sometimes the rolls are glazed.

In my grandmother’s version the log-shaped walnut rolls were not glazed.

So, I’m curious.  Have you ever eaten a Walnut Roll?  If so, can you tell me about it?  I’m using VoiceThread to share thoughts on this holiday recipe.

And now I’m off to visit different blogs to see what other great foods people are writing about.

If you’d like to leave a comment click on the bottom of the picture to select your choice.  You’ll need to have a VoiceThread account.