Time for a quiz

In Free Tools Challenge #2 the challenge was to create a quiz using the forms selection in Google Docs.

Just a few months ago I had used this tool to create a survey for education students and faculty regarding their opinions of technology.  The results were used in an evaluation of our technology plan.  The biggest challenge was choosing the right question to ask to get the results I needed.

For this challenge I created a short quiz about Web 2.0 tools.  I wasn’t aware that you could put in formulas to calculate averages or scores.  That piece of information would have been nice to know for my first tech survey, because I’d have liked to calculate percentages on some of the answers.  Also, it was difficult to see all the verbiage on the page so I hid the answer response columns.   Now  I can focus on the scores and it’s much easier to read.

I look forward to exploring Google forms more in the future.  Here is a list of sites with ideas for using this tool.