Student Blogging Challenge #20

Once again I’m privileged to participate in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge #stubc as a mentor/commenter.  In the very first challenge students are asked to create an Avatar and an All About Me post.  This has always been my favorite challenge.

Over the years I’ve created several Avatars.  When you visit my blog enter Avatar in the search side menu. Just recently I learned about from a few of the participants.

What a fantastic way for movie companies to promote an upcoming movie and to engage audiences.  In the past I’ve created my own M&M and Peanuts characters.  For this movie – Storks –  visitors can create their own baby avatars.  Well, I couldn’t resist trying it out.  As you see I really like red hair, dark glasses and puppies.  So adorable!

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge #20

  1. I appreciate you for liking my bitmoji yes it was very interesting to use it I prefer that then the baby maker because it shows your personality stuff you like and a lot of different things And what you look like or a idea of what you look like once again thank you for the comment and internet’s in my bitmoji 🙂

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