Student Blogging Challenge – Round 2

And so, a new season of the Student Blogging Challenge begins. This time I took the suggestion of one of the participants and created a Prezi as a means of introducing myself to the students.  Enjoy.   About Me 

For many years I wasn’t a fan of Prezi. Being a diehard PowerPoint user, I wasn’t all that excited about the movement, zooming in and out and around.  It made me dizzy. (In fact, I’m spinning just thinking about it.)

Over time I began to rethink my opinion of the tool.  I found some really good resources to help people create effective presentations.

4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge – Round 2

  1. Dinah,
    Thanks so much for taking on the role of mentor again. I like your idea of taking part just like your students are.

    I notice you have a great range of students this time – various countries and variety of blogging platforms.

    I love your prezi. My first job between college and university was as a computer programmer – it ended up being a keypunch operator.

  2. What a coincidence! I was trained in high school to be a keypunch operator. Boy, are we showing our age. Heehee.
    I enjoy keeping up with the students. I’m learning from them and passing along the information to our preservice teachers. I love the range in countries. I was slightly worried about how I’d communicate with the student whose blog was in Spanish. Along comes Google Translate and it’s no problem.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity again.

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