Student blogs worth visiting

Week one activity in the Student Blogging Challenge suggested recommending three blogs and reasons for it.  I thought I’d complete the activity along with the students.

Blog 1:  The first thing that caught my attention was Hagan’s title.  Here’s a kid with a positive attitude; and it intrigued me enough to want to visit his blog.  So lesson learned…a title is important.   The next thing that I noticed was his use of pictures to tell a story.  The angle shot in his images is interesting.  After exploring the blog a bit I noticed that others must have felt the same way; Hagen’s blog was nominated as one of the best student blogs of 2011 by Edublogs.

Blog 2:  The title grabbed my attention first; the blog design kept me there.  Luis chose a deep blue background that makes you feel comfortable.

Blog 3:  Morgan has a way of getting you to participate in her blog.  The latest blog post has the reader answering questions to find out what jobs they would be good at.

While completing another challenge I came across Jaden’s blog   His blog was the winner of the Best Student Blog of 2011.  Interestingly, he uses screen shots to enhance his blog.  I especially like that he has developed a blog mascot.  Makes me think that I should resurrect one of my bulletin board characters as my mascot.





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