Student Blogging Challenge

Last week I was given the chance to become a mentor for a group of students participating in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge.  It’s my responsibility to visit their blogs at least three times and post comments.  This week I worked on my first “All About Me” blog posts.  I’ve managed to leave an all about me post on almost all of the blogs for my participating students.  After spending some time reading the posts I must say that I’m fairly impressed with what these individuals have written.

I’ve never been much of a blogger before this.  However, since beginning this mentor program I’ve spent more time with my own blog in two weeks than I have in the last two years.  This has inspired me to take a leap of faith and plunge into blogging.  I plan to experience the program the way the students are.

Week one challenge students were to do the following:

  • Update or create an ‘all about me’ page or post.
  • Visit ten blogs and leave a comment on one of their posts.
  • Write a post suggesting/recommending at least three other blogs and why.

Personal goals include creating a blog roll.

Thank you to the Edublogs team for giving me this opportunity.


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