It’s on the Wall!

Finally I find the time to complete the Kick Start Your Blogging challenges.  Today’s activity involves exploring Wallwisher.

One of the activities asked us to come up with three topics for a wall and post them to our blog.  My first wall called Technology web tools looks at the different ways that people use web tools.  Once it gets crowded–lofty goals–I can make a wall for each tool.  I have seen this done using Google docs Excel.  Wallwisher presents the information in a more visual format and I really like the option of moving stickies around.  Great organizational tool.

My second wall is a similar concept, but for a fun topic.  I really enjoy creating candy Survival kits for staff and family, but I find myself sifting through the websites over and over again.  Here’s an place where I can organize the information according to the sites or the specific item.  For example, that little bag of M&Ms can be used for surviving a birthday or surviving finals week.

My third wall is for my son.  He’s getting married soon and I thought I could gather well-wishes from friends and family.  I’ll be posting this to my Facebook page for all of the family and friends to see.

It’s an interesting tool and one that I will enjoy adding to my digital tool belt!

Below is a listing of other sources exploring WallWisher.